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The Language Center is an exceptional company to work with for translation needs. They made translating our website and all of the content easy and timely, while providing a high quality work ethic. The translators were efficient and their expertise provided project completion ahead of schedule. The Language Center also provided exceptional customer support. I am proud and extremely satisfied with them and would highly recommend The Language Center for translation needs.

– S.P.B.

Web Localization

From start to finish The Language Center employs processes and methodologies that enable delivery of  world-class applications designed for the global market. The focus of each translation and localization project is to produce a final product that appears to have been designed in the target language from the onset.

Benefits of Website Localization
• Reach International Markets
• Solidify Global Presence
• Increase Return on Investment

Phases of Website Localization
Target Market Review
 – involves consideration of target region, country and language; requires sensitive consideration to components and content such as time zones, dates, gender roles, currencies, color sensitivities, national holidays, product or service names, contact information, and geographical examples.

Translation/Editing/Proofreading – completed by linguists native to the target region who hold complementary academic qualifications and industry experience. Text requiring translation is often found in source code, resource files, HTML files, script files, Help content files and graphics. Original files are necessary for all PDF equivalents accessible on the website.

Localization Engineering – includes reformatting of web content, layout and graphics so as to meet parameters set according to selected target market. Page titles at the top of the browser interface are converted to the target language. Translated text is superimposed onto the graphics. Hyperlinks are modified so that alternative sites are selected.

Functional Quality Assurance – a native-quality linguist performs end user functions by running all scripts, links and rollovers; this is the final validation step before website release. Linguists are also available to offer assistance to clients who wish to validate localized websites on-site.

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