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At TCCC, we utilize TLC for all of our translation needs. Why wouldn’t we? The translations are precise, the service is expeditious and the staff is extremely professional. This, coupled with competitive pricing, makes TLC our partner in providing our patients with accurate, patient-friendly information.

– Trinitas


An additional layer of complexity is added to the normal language skills and attention to detail required when translating videos. Time and space issues are presented to video translators. The same information portrayed in an English video must be represented in the translated version — and in the same amount of time allotted. Given the expansion factor of many languages, this challenge to keep the translated text the same in the time allotted takes flexible and knowledgeable voiceover talent to make these adaptations. It’s a special skill shown by the Language Center video translators thus enabling you to keep your videos consistent and meaningful.

Effective communication with your audiences in all languages  is our goal. Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Instructional CDs
  • Corporate Addresses
  • Commercials
  • Safety Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Marketing Videos

To learn more about The Language Center and our full scope of professional translation services and to receive a free project quote, contact us today.