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3 way phone interpreting





RAQ ButtonProfessional interpreters are needed to bridge the communication gap during conferences, business meetings, seminars, depositions, medical appointments or conventions, and other events where speakers of more than one language are present.

There are several varieties of Interpreting Services, but a few facts remain the same no matter what: It is important that the interpreter has a full understanding of the subject matter being discussed, is completely fluent in the languages being used and has been specially trained in the art of interpreting.

The Language Center Interpreting Services include:

  • Over the Phone Interpreting: Used in numerous industries and predominantly in hospitals, medical facilities and offices putting the doctor, nurse or therapist together quickly by phone with the patient and a professional interpreter who is fluent in both English and the patient’s native language. This process is an aid for the patient and their family to understand a diagnosis and recommended procedures together with follow-ups and prescriptions. It also allows the doctor to understand the patient’s symptoms and concerns in order to provide a correct diagnosis, sometimes under emergency circumstances.
  • Simultaneous: Commonly used during large seminars, conferences  and conventions, this form of interpreting usually involves several interpreters who sit in booths and use special equipment to interpret the speaker’s words as they they are spoken. Listeners wear headphones and select a particular channel for the language they wish to hear.
  • Consecutive: This service requires the interpreter to remain silent and/or take notes as the speaker communicates, and then interprets the speaker’s words when he or she has stopped speaking. This type of service is commonly used during depositions, medical appointments, and other small group meetings.
  • Escort: In this case the interpreter accompanies the client as they go about their business, interpreting all communication throughout the course of the day. For example, if a business executive is expecting an important Japanese investor to come and visit his plant in the U.S., that executive will want to hire a completely bilingual Japanese interpreter who is familiar with the industry to assist the investor during his visit. Conversely, interpreters are also available to accompany clients to other countries and help them navigate both linguistic and cultural differences.

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