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One of our prestigious healthcare clients presented The Language Center
with the task of providing patient education information in Spanish for
over 900 medical conditions to promote a better understanding of conditions,
symptoms and preventions once a patient is released from the hospital after
treatment. The end use was to have this information available in html format
in their system within 8 weeks to be distributed as needed upon release of
patients after surgery or other treatments.


TLC went to work and immediately set up a team of 3 Spanish healthcare
industry specific professional translators and one editor. TLC’s
extensive Translation Memory accumulated for this client was distributed
to all linguists to maintain accuracy and consistency of terminology during
the project. The team was adept at html translations as all codes had to be
preserved to upload properly to the client’s server upon completion.


The project was completed and fed on a rolling basis weekly to the client so
they could begin their uploads and testing. Every aspect of the project was
managed in a professional and timely manner. The client was very impressed
with the successful outcome, customer service, accurate translations and
most importantly– on time delivery.

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