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Financial Case Study


One of our large clients in the financial sector approached us about an
upcoming website launch that was going global. The website text and html
files required translation, upload to their site and then testing to insure
all translation and coding was correct in each of the 15 languages they
requested. Their customers needed to seamlessly navigate this site to access
the instructions necessary to understand and fill out their credit and banking
account forms.


The Project Manager went right to work putting the financial linguist teams
in place for translation and editing. A 2-week timeframe was established for
the 127,000 words for the project. Once the files were translated and edited,
they were forwarded to the client by language to upload to the test site.
Once the client had the uploads in place, the review/proof teams logged on to
the test site and made notations of any changes required, inconsistencies or
formatting issues. They had a 2-day window to complete this task in order to
have final fully functioning translated web pages and
downloadable documents.


The Language Center completed the project in the established time frame
including the 2-day final review/proof for revisions period before the
web pages went live. The following week the sites by country went live
and the client was very pleased with our efforts to keep them on time
and budget. Their customers in other countries were able to view and
download forms in their various languages without having to
understand English.

This is a type of project that we have completed many times for this client
utilizing our solid teams of industry specific linguists skilled in financial
translation. Meeting deadlines with professionalism at every level and great
customer service is top priority for The Language Center. When the client is
happy, we are happy!

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