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A leading company in the education testing field presented a request
for translations for Math assessment tests in multiple languages for
middle school grade levels. Confidentiality and accuracy based on each
grade level was imperative. A tight 10-day turnaround time was required
followed by an extensive and thorough client review process
by multilingual teachers before the final approval could be obtained.


A team of translators and editors knowledgeable in the subject area
and experienced in the education field were assigned by language to ensure
appropriate grade level understanding and geographic preferences, including
localization of names. A glossary of client approved terms from previous
versions of tests were also provided to the teams for reference. Formatting
considerations included layout, font types, images, callouts, formulas,
headers and footers, pagination, line and character spacing, and color
intensity had to be exact. A mathematical application was used to ensure
that the formulas were applied and were consistent with the source files.
Upon completion of initial deliveries, each language team participated
in the review process and addressed feedback and inquiries. Change and
revision controls were necessary due to source file alterations and an
extensive review process thru printer proofs. Final approvals were
required ultimately from the DOE.


Both the content, (approximately 8400 words per language) and page
layout (96 pages with numerous graphics) were meticulously checked
in detail and precisely adjusted for every revision to meet the
client’s standard and satisfaction. The client was very pleased
with on time deliveries, customer service, and sense of urgency
in addressing every detail of this project. Approvals from DOE were
successfully obtained on the final deliveries for all 5 languages.

We have worked with this client every year since 2006 to localize
their assessment tests including Math, LAL and Science.